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Solar / Electric Installation, Maintenance, Repairs, Service

Solar / Electric Installation, Maintenance, Repairs, Service

An investment in a photovoltaic system will enable you to continuously generate free electricity from one of the most reliable and cleanest sources of energy on the earth.  In addition to saving money, your energy system will be a contribution to a cleaner environment.  Did you know that a 6 kilowatt system eliminates 120 tons of carbon dioxide over its 25 year lifetime?  Can you imagine how much better our air quality would be if all our new construction and remodeled building installed solar electric?  That couple with installation of PV on existing homes would make a world of difference.

You too can be part of the solution by joining the thousands who have opted to use clean energy produced by the sun!  We can no longer count of foreign oil, and local energy resources have proven to be questionable.  Investing in a PV power system can give you independence from both while raising the value of your home.

Think of it this way:  Owning a PV system that produces your own power instead of paying the local utility company for electricity is like owning your home instead of paying rent.  Money spent on your PV system is an investment in your  own asset.  Paying the utility company for electricity is putting your money in someone else’s pocket.  With a PV system, cost for power will be far more stable and unaffected by the fluctuation of oil prices and big poser companies.  

Special Note:  Federal Tax Credits are Still Available!

Solar FAQ’s:

Does a solar system work in cold weather?

Answer #1:
Yes, it actually will work better because the cold temperatures cause an increase in the conductivity of metals. However, with the new inverters on the market, we can design a system for hot weather efficiency as well.

What maintenance is required?

Answer #2:
These systems require little to no maintenance. Since there are no mechanical parts to break or corrode like water solar systems, your electrical solar system is virtually maintenance free. Basically, make sure the modules are clear of bird droppings and dust. Clean your solar panels as needed (approximately twice per year) with water and a soft brush. Each time it rains, your job is done. Also, make sure the system is operating properly by monitoring the metering system from time to time. Other than that… There isn’t much else to do except calculate your savings each month!

How can I maximize the power my solar system produces?

Answer #3:
It is imperative that your solar electric system is designed correctly and installed in the proper location in order to maximize your investment. A system placed facing the wrong direction or in a position that will be shaded part of the day will not produce enough power to make your investment worthwhile. Comfort King, Inc. has the technology to determine where shade will affect performance anytime throughout the year.

How does solar electricity work?

Answer #4:
Silicon wafers laminated under non-reflective glass in solar panels collect photons from the sun and turn this into DC electrical power. This power then flows to an inverter which transforms it into usable voltage as AC electrical power. That power is then fed into your metered panel to provide you with your own generated power. Proper engineering and design will provide you with the right size system for your home so as to virtually eliminate your utility bill for electricity. Comfort King has a great reputation for designing systems that meet each individual homeowners needs.

What are the economic benefits of a Solar Electric System?

Answer #5:
A solar electrical system protects you from future rate increases and allows you to “fix or freeze” your utility rates for the next 30+ years. Systems are designed to lower or in many cases eliminate–your monthly electric bill!

How long do these systems last? What is the warranty of these types of systems?

Answer #6:
Photovoltaic systems have been around for over 50 years so far and the original systems are still working just fine. Yet the accelerated testing is giving us numbers like 40-42 years with a 2% per year decrease throughout the systems life. The limited warranty is 25 years on the solar modules, 10 years on the inverters and 5 years on the balance of system installation.

Does a Solar Electric System have enough power to run all my major appliances?

Answer #7:
A solar electrical system is connected to your electrical main and is designed to offset all power usage within your home or building—this includes air conditioning and all major appliances!

What do I do next if I want to see about getting a system on my house or business?

Answer #8:
Contact your utility supplier via their web site or by phone and request a twelve-month history of your kWh usage, then send it to us via e-mail or fax for a free evaluation and appointment for a site visit.

We also do Electrical Repair and Service




For all your electrical trouble shooting and repair needs, count on our experienced, professional electricians at Comfort King. Our skilled workmanship is second to none, yet you’ll also find our rates to be surprisingly affordable. Please note: We do not do any new construction – we do repairs, trouble shooting and replacements only.




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