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Energy Audits and Assessments

Home Performance Testing and Energy Audits

The energy assessment is your first step toward a more energy-efficient home —it helps you understand how your whole house works as a system and pinpoints where your energy use can be improved and your comfort enhanced. Without a “whole-house” assessment, any approach to improving your energy efficiency could be piecemeal and fail to get the results you expect. Following standards set by the Building Performance Institute and California Energy Commission, your energy assessment will be done using strict diagnostic testing requirements—there’s no guessing.

The testing takes about three to four hours, using specialized diagnostic tools and computer modeling. This differentiates these in-depth assessments from the “free clipboard audits” or free surveys. Typically, the assessment will be done both before upgrades to help determine the best steps to take, and after upgrades to verify that you’re getting the results you expected. Based on your energy assessment, Comfort King, Inc. will help you prioritize improvements so you get the results you want: comfort and efficiency. For example, if your house is hot and stuffy, you might seal and insulate your house first, then get an air conditioning unit that is the right size for your reduced energy needs—it might be smaller than you think!

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