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Air Distribution System

Air Distribution System, better known as duct work / air-ducts:

The best forced air system is only as good as the air distribution that serves it.

Whether you are having an existing heating and cooling system replaced, or having a new system installed from scratch, a proper air distribution system is crucial for overall performance. A duct system that is not properly designed and /or installed will raise utility costs, lower comfort levels, and allow dirty air into your system.

There are 4 main steps to an efficient duct system:

  • Calculate CFM for the system and each room on the supply side.
  • Calculate CFM for the system on the return side.
  • Calculate proper diameter for the ducts and CFM at each outlet.
  • Determine static pressure for the system.

CFM: Cubic feet per minute

Duct repair and Replacement

If your duct work is in fairly good condition, but perhaps has one or two broken or crushed areas, we can replace only the affected ducts. If your duct work is old and falling apart, a complete air duct system replacement may be necessary.

Duct Testing

Ducts not sealed properly cause leakage of unconditioned air into the duct system or can dump conditioned air into unconditioned spaces. Both of these reduce the capabilities of the heating and cooling system to meet the proper loads and increase energy usage. We can test for these leakages and remedy them by Duct Sealing.

Duct Sealing

Our duct work is sealed with UL listed duct mastic. This mastic is non-toxic and water resistant. After the ducts have the mastic applied they will have nylon panduit straps attached securely to the metal collar at the beginning of the duct and the air distribution wyes. Unlike duct tape this method will not dry and peel away for the duct work even after years of extreme conditions.

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